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Giotto 200 is the specific pre-heating furnace for casting rings, fully electronic with BES (Balanced Energy Saving) heating.

The exclusive wax and smoke elimination system

With Giotto 200, you can use casting rings still containing wax. A specific program can eliminate it. The reusable wax is deposited in a container below the furnace while the generated vapours from the casting rings investments and wax residues are conveyed in a special catalytic converter that by an instant oxidation process at a high temperature destroys them. As a result, contamination can be broken down and reduced; at the same time, unpleasant odours are significantly diminished.

A cutting-edge tool

Giotto 200 is designed and built according to the most modern operational ergonomic criteria and modularity and is compliant with the ISO 9000 standard on total quality.

Giotto 200 technology advantages

  • It is a preheating furnace with automatic detection of the required energy for heating the casting rings
  • thermodynamic solutions of the latest design for substantial heating rates
  • heating rate with reduced energy consumption
  • programmed heating temperatures by an electronic microprocessor that ensures the highest accuracy over the entire temperature range
  • at any time it is possible to make calibration and adjustment by an electronic program
  • use of effective super insulatingagainst any thermal energy leakage
  • It is possible to use the furnace for large quantities of casting rings: No. 20 ø48 or 3x; No. 14 ø60 or 6x; No. 8 ø73 or 7x; No. 6 O89 or 9x; No. 60 Ø33 or 1x.

Giotto 200’s circular chamber properties

  • circular radiating wallwith infrared heating
  • uniform irradiation of the casting rings
  • vertical opening, for operator safety: it anticipates the safety regulations by eliminating the risk of heat-blast and burns, simplifying the cast rings extraction
  • Reduction of heat loss during the opening phase: it eliminates the air convective effect that in traditional ovens causes abrupt cooling in the cylinders and consequent unpleasant distorting effects in the casting jets.

The patented technical advantages

  • Reduced energy consumption, thanks to super-insulating panels.
  • Rapid heatingthrough infrared radiation.
  • Thermal homogeneity thanks to the circular radiant chamber.
  • The vertical opening of the heating chamber prevents excessive heat loss.
  • Large storage capacity for casting rings.
  • Different heating programs for any type of investment.
  • Operator active protection during the procedure.
  • Long-term catalyst converter:Reduction of furnace gases.
  • Melted wax is caught in a tray, and then recovered for re-use if desired.
  • Printer inputfor the preheating cycle certification.
  • Calibration programfor the thermal check


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