As is well known, the casting process is one of the most critical moments in the technician’s work, and more generally for all artisans who work with alloys and metals. That is the reason why Ariete has chosen to make available its extensive and long experience to all those who meet small or big problems at the different stages of casting. Thus the study centre for investment casting was born, an evolved customer service, which transfers the Ariete’s knowledge to the laboratories.

After a simple e-mail request, our engineers will check, even remotely, the different parameters and they will identify very quickly the exact moment of the process in which occurs the criticality, in order to act quickly and prevent small or large inaccuracies that may cause a severe decline in the finished product quality.

In addition, by adopting our machinery, the possibilities for evaluation and response become even simpler: thanks to the latest sensors generation and features in every Ariete equipment (that can be easily incorporated to previous models), you can prepare and print a comprehensive analysis of thermal cycle, from which is possible to deduce all the investment casting process possible problems.