Giotto 100 preheating furnace, as Giotto LCD, has fully programmable casting programs for casting cylinders. Giotto 100 E has 15 programs and each program has 22 steps and their pauses. It is possible to program many heating rates for each casting cycle.

At the instantaneous work step is possible to monitor the running cycle in order to control the progress. You can select an option and display the previously set parameters. It is not possible to apply changes once a cycle has been activated. Unlike with the Giotto LCD, the mains voltage is never indicated, if it goes down the cycles will suffer significant delays but the anomaly will not be signaled as in Giotto LCD. Anyway, the temperatures are verified and maintained with the maximum precision.

Great operational advantage

Cylinders are directly and evenly irradiated thanks to the circular infrared thermal chamber. Cylinders are all at the same temperature both internally and externally, thanks to that, the castings will be much more accurate because the casting jet solidifies inside the cylinder with uniformity eliminating the typical dimensional inaccuracies and distortion that occur using conventional furnaces.

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