Specifications for dental laboratories

COMPACT-VEST is the Pressure Chamber for casting plasters and investments that eliminates completely air bubbles present in the powder and liquid mixture of the plaster. This is due to the action of compressed air, which acts only on the air bubbles in the mixture, making them implode and disappear from plaster or investment masses.

Benefits of Compact-Vest technology

  • Greater homogeneity of the mixture, thus more precise and better-defined castings.
  • Absolute absence of damage of the structures in wax or plastic inside cylinders.
  • Streamlining of production processes, increase the quality standard of your castings.


It is easy to use Compact-Vest


  • Mix properly your material (by hand or with a mixer) in accordance with the directions and pour it into the cylinder containing the wax model or plastic to be produced. At this point, in order to get a more homogeneous filling, we recommend that you pour it only into one corner of the cylinder. We also recommend putting a round of duct tape on the upper end of the cylinder, so that the same remain raised: the possible descent of the plaster will be well compensated without leaving the discovered items.
  • Close the hermetically sealed lid.
  • Pressurize the chamber at about 5 bars.
  • Shutoff the air intake.
  • The compression takes about 30/45 minutes: this is the time required to complete the hydraulic system process.
  • Open the air release valve.
  • Wait for the air pressure release and open the sealed lid.
  • Remove the cylinder from the Compact-Vest.
  • Proceed to the next steps of the processing.

The contents and the specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.