It was the ’80s of the last century when creativity, spirit of innovation and research, in-depth knowledge of the casting world came together to give life to Ariete. A dynamic company, which since its first steps on the market is distinguished by an innovative approach to the world of equipment for dental technology and precision machining.

In fact, Ariete does not just process the existing technologies, but develops specialized solutions for different applications, designing machines specially for the end user, so as to reduce processing times and costs, ensuring maximum reliability.

One example is the extensive work carried out from the beginning and up to the 90s, to create high-precision casting machines that, contrary to what the market was proposing by then, is able to give an absolute control over the temperature , avoiding the well-known problems with alloys and metals faced by dental technicians. And the results are a 70% reduction in the processing time.

The story of Ariete continues in the search of continuous, decisive efforts to enhance product quality, striving to deliver customer service that exceed their expectations and give attention to their needs, with continuous technical improvements in all casting processes, advancing towards the latest innovations in technology.