Ariete produces crucibles with entirely inert material, resistant to high temperatures, which do not react with alloys during the melting stage: therefore, castings are not contaminated in any way. We produce our crucibles with special materials that ligate to form a structure which greatly reduce the risk of sudden ruptures. Once reached the alloy casting temperature the crucible is left at this temperature for only 1-2 minutes, and then it is possible to add the alloy to be melted, obtaining excellent results.

Allucast® crucibles can be used at several cycles of repeated castings. Both palladium-based alloys and reduced noble metal content alloys will always result perfectly clean and free of contamination. Naturally, the crucible should be checked before each casting, to verify its integrity with our luminous pen Stylus.


Steelcast® crucibles are suitable for high temperature castings and therefore particularly suitable for non-nobles castings alloys. The laboratory tests have confirmed the usefulness of these crucibles for alloys casting such as Ni/Cr/Be (no silica), and even more for alloys with Cr/Co (no silica).Also in this case no contamination were detected in the crucibles.


Portagrafite® crucible is a support specifically designed to hold our graphite crucible in castings of Palliag and gold-resin alloys. Ariete’s graphite crucibles are made of pure graphite, highly selected and specifically designed for dental castings. They resist to different casting cycles and do not contaminate the alloys in the molten state. Graphite, being very compact, consumes little and leaves a minimum residue in the crucible that does not mix with the alloy due to its lower specific weight.


Ariete’s casting machines are standardised to our crucibles and so the operation procedure, as well as the duration and quality of castings, are totally different from others on the market.
A research carried out on a sample of 40 dental laboratories, both users of the die-casting machines produced by Ariete and not, demonstrated that Ariete’s crucibles are visibly superior to other crucibles present on the market, in terms of both quality and duration.


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